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Oftentimes called globe-riding or sphereing, zorbing is either a recreation or sport played by a person rolling downhill in an orb or zorb made of transparent, lightweight but flexible plastic. The Oxford English Dictionary where it was entered only in 2001 defines it as a sport that has a participant inside an inner capsule of a large transparent ball rolled downhill or on the flat ground. The World English Dictionary says it is the activity of travelling downhill in a big air-cushioned hollow plastic ball. All these descriptions point out that zorbing is performed on a slope or on a level surface if greater rider control of the orb is desired. The orb is constructed of two types, one of which is the harness orb for one or two riders, and the other the non-harness orb that can carry up to three riders.

Zorbing has been practiced since the 1990s when the first zorbing site was established by the brothers David and Andrew Akers in Rotorua, New Zealand where zorb riders are now called zorbonauts in the sport enjoyed by people of all ages. From New Zealand, zorbing has made itself as an outdoor activity in many countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Australia. It has entered the Guinness Book of 1,870 ft.) made by Steve Camp in 2006, (b) The fastest zorbing ride with a speed of 52 kilometers (32 miles) per hour made by Keith Kolver, and (c) The fastest 100-meter in a zorb of only 26.59 seconds held by Andrew Flintoff. The zorbs have even been adopted as a symbol of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. According to the Russian Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the zorbing ball’s concept of openness fits well with the motto of the Sochi games, which is the “Gateway to the Future.”

Anyone can do zorbing through practice. But they are those who are not faint-hearted seeing themselves rolling downhill in a zorb ball. They are those who are prepared to be harnessed inside the ball. Zorbing associations have so far no record of any zorbonaut thrown out of the ball and getting injured during play. There is even a possibility that zorbing neophytes would want to do it again after the first or second try to experience more excitement that it provides. Furthermore, zorbonauts do not stand a chance of hurting themselves smashing into the ball inside because the ball is made of purely soft and flexible plastic. It will be far safer if they wear the shoulder harness and all the straps inside the zorb ball.

Zorbing benefits are aplenty. You gain the thrill and adrenaline excitement, as in other adventure sports like skydiving. As an adventure sporting activity, it is good for fitness enthusiasts. By exerting pressure to rotate the ball, you are helped with maintaining balance. If you zorb for 15 minutes, you get some exercise benefits equivalent to jogging for 30 minutes. At most, it creates an adrenaline rush in you while you get fun from crawling, running, walking, bouncing, and falling again and again inside the ball. This is an irresistible fun for both the adults and the young.

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