Trampoline safety: Bounce with caution

Trampolines are dangerous, even with the safety nets and spring covers. Parents and children need to know the risks involved, particularly with sprains, broken bones, and spinal and brain trauma. Injuries occur because of falls off the trampoline, falls onto the frame or springs, collisions with other jumpers or stunts done incorrectly.

If parents let their children use a trampoline, they should understand the following safety rules and share them with their children.

  • Trampolines are recommended only for children older than six.
  • Allow only one person to jump at a time. Children must take turns because multiple jumpers increase the possibility of injuries including broken bones and concussions.
  • Always have adult supervision when children are jumping and have spotters positioned around the trampoline if no safety net is in place
  • Your children are not trained gymnasts; they must not attempt to do advanced maneuvers like flips and somersaults.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, remove all jewelry, and empty all pockets.
  • Select a location that is flat and has a soft surface, such as grass
  • Trampolines placed at ground level over a pit may be safer because users will not have as far to fall if they miss the mat.
  • Do not place trampoline near structures, such as trees, clotheslines, or outdoor furniture.
  • Safety padding should be placed over the entire frame and springs and install a safety net

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