how to play paintball for beginners | how to play paintball for the first time

Q: WIll it HURT?
A: Well, It’s more of a surprise then pain.Iit all depends on you and the clothing you wear. If you’re a bit “big” and it the paintball bounces off you, it “hurts” more then if it breaks. If you wear skin tight clothing then it “hurts” But for people who have played for quite a long time, not really.  Plus, adrenaline does wonders too.  Sometimes you won’t notice it at all.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Step 6

Q: Do I need to buy this _______
A: NO No No no noNo NONONO! Don’t buy anything except for paintballs when starting out!

Q: Will there be a lot of people to play with?
A: Depending on the day and your field. But usually, yes, there are many people.

Q: Is paintball scary?
A: It depends on your view of it. For most of us, it’s just another sport that you can give it your all and have fun!

Q: How fast does the paintball marker shoot?
A: Depending on your field’s regulation on FPS (Feet per Second) rule. It’s generally 260 to 300 FPS.

Q: Can you pick up paintballs and wash them to make them clean again?
A: No, don’t pick up paintballs from the floor or when you drop them. They can mess up your accuracy and marker. Paintballs also deteriorate when it comes in contact with water.

Q: How old do you need to be to play?
A: Most fields allow 10+ year olds to play. If you are younger, you must have a parent or adult to supervise you at all times.

Q: Is paintball like airsoft?
A: In some ways yes. But Airsoft isn’t as big, has more flaws, and in my opinion, not as fun.

A: I might be able to fix it since I do know abit of how these things work.

Q: How do I do_______
A: Ask away!

Q: Is paintball Expensive?
A: Yes, to a certain point it is. It’s a luxury sport. But it’s well worth the money, You don’t have to spend alot of money for perfect paintball.

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