How to Encourage Kids for Outdoor Play

Making outdoor play fun for the kids can motivate them to take up outdoor games and sports. You can try taking your kid’s favourite toys like play dough, racing cars, ball, etc. outdoors and cheer them on to explore and play with them differently.

The best way to encourage kids for outdoor play is probably to lead by example. You can initiate an interesting activity like building a bird feeder or painting a wall. Watching you do something fun may make your kid want to join you outdoors.

Consider walking to the nearby market or to the library instead of driving. Your child can get curious about a natural feature or a landmark on the way and may ask questions. You can take the opportunity to add to his knowledge bank.

Discover the natural resources of your area by taking your kid for outings like hiking, fishing, kayaking, camping. You can plan various outdoor activities like a beach trip, a visit to a botanical garden or a farm to arouse your kid’s interest. You can create challenges for your kid like a treasure hunt or an obstacle task and reward him suitably later on.

Avoid making outdoor play too ‘educational’, or ‘academic’. Ensure your child is having fun and enjoying being outdoors! Initially, you can accompany your kid to parks or nature trails but let him explore on his own. Be around to keep an eye but resist interfering and controlling his experience. Offer help only when asked.

The benefits of outdoor games far overshadow the disadvantages of playing outdoor games. Try and create an inviting conducive playing environment which may encourage the kids for outdoor play. Outdoor games provide kids the chance to experience their surroundings employing all the senses. Allow kids to grow up like kids – running, jumping, climbing, racing, swinging, getting dirty so that they may develop healthy habits and blossom into well-balanced personalities.

When a child plays outdoor games with his playmates, it develops his personality. Playing in the open also increases his love for nature and improves his concentration and observational skills. Most importantly, outdoor games develop gross and fine motor skills in a child. But to make sure that these skills develop the right way and his other talents develop as well, get educational kits for him. Educational kits that combine learning and fun can sharpen your child’s brain and provide all-round development.

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