Zorbing Activity is a Group, Fun Filled Activity for Corporate, friends and Family

Corporate meetings and yearly company reviews are not filled with long and tedious meetings anymore. These meetings go beyond power-point presentations, spreadsheets and pie diagrams into meaningful team-building conclaves while having fun. The change in pace from everyday bustle of the high pressure office life is a welcome change for the employees and allows them to unwind and de-stress. We at Discovery Village

understand that the importance of corporate getaways and have designed perfect properties in 4 locations with specific agenda-targeting activities to help bring the best out of your people. We have activities aimed at strengthening the bond between team members, encouraging you think of creative solutions and employ out-of-the box thinking to solve the challenges we pose to you through the course of our games, adventure sports to help you face and conquer your fears and slowly but surely tease that hidden talent in you that stays buried with you in your cubicle. We provide you a relaxing, stress free environment to stimulate and showcase the best attributes from within. Most importantly, our agenda for your meetings is to ensure that you to enjoy yourself thoroughly and have fun while you are discovering how great you and colleagues really are!

Among the many activities on offer for your corporate day outing at Discovery Village, zorbing is a thrilling game and is sure to leave you wanting for more. Zorbing is an adventure sport that involves you rolling round in a transparent plastic ball. Does this remind of hamsters rolling around in a ball?  Apart from the superficial resemblance to the provincial hamster in a ball, zorbing is much more than just merely rolling down a gentle slope. Apart from attaining the satisfaction of having worked out, the adrenaline pumping through your system while you zorb is worth the few beads of sweat pouring down your face. Zorbing is perfectly safe and there are plenty of operatives around to ensure that your rolling remains worry-free and smooth. At Discovery Village, you can choose between the option of land zorbing and water zorbing. If you are wondering what corporate principle is instilled in you while rolling around in a giant transparent ball, let us tell you that zorbing is a great team building exercise. You and your team can showcase the strength of your bond while you are involved in a game of zorb fighting with an opposing team. The idea of zorb fighting is to ensure that members of opposing teams push each other off their feet with their zorb balls. The last team left standing is the winner.

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