Where To Play Paintball In Delhi?

Paintball arena at the Shootout Zone, Andheria More, Chattarpur, Delhi is the most militaristic paintball background. The whole space is specially designed for serious paintball adventures. They have more than 18 kinds of paintball games that can be played at Shootout Zone. Some of the most popular ones are Capture the Flag, Manhunt, Hostage Rescue, Death Ball and Jail Break.

  1. Capture the Flag: Two teams fighting with each other to win over opponents flag and return to their respective base. Whichever team is successful in getting the opponents flag to their base wins.
  2. Manhunt: Hunters have to hunt the hunted and kill him in a given time span and the hunted have to survive and reach a given place to be safe.
  3. Hostage Rescue: Terrorists have to stop the rescuer from taking the hostage to a safe place from them and the rescuer have to stop the terrorist from killing the hostage.
  4. Death ball: A short game and the teams have to collect maximum number of pints to win by doing different tasks.
    Jail Break: Prisoner has to run out of the jail with the help of his friend. But the guards have to stop him.

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