What will happen if you wash your hair with soap, like Lux?

How soap affects hair

  • Soap is good to wash your hair with..You can wash hair by soap but chances are more that it will dry out your hair but make sure your water is not hard
  • If you use soap to wash your hair in hard water, then the combination of your hair’s scales standing up and the soap forming scum makes your hair into a terrible mess.
  • Then, since your hair’s all tangled and rough, it’s impossible to rinse out all the soap, which makes it look terrible.

How shampoo affects hair

  • Shampoo contain additional ingredients intended to protect hair. The most common additive is sunscreen.
  • Other chemicals protect against heat damage from hair dryers or styling aids, chemical damage from swimming pools, or build-up from styling products.
  • Shampoo typically is more acidic than soap, so it may contain ingredients to bring down the product of the pH. If the pH of shampoo is too high, the sulfide bridges in keratin can break, weakening or damaging your hair.

Conclusion: You can certainly wash your hair with soap, but if you are used to liquid shampoos you likely won’t be happy with the results. Soap can leave hair feeling dry and waxy and won’t provide many of the benefits of liquid detergents. However, if your only goal is clean hair (or you are trying to limit carry-on travel items!) then soap may be an option

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