the Best Indoor Trampoline Options for Active Kids

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Trampolines have to be one of the most popular toys for active kids, but if you don’t have enough room (or the right weather) outdoors, your kids are missing out on a whole lot of bouncy fun. We’ve done a rundown of the best outdoor trampolines for kids here. Luckily, there are now a whole host of trampolines made specifically for use indoor use. Indoor trampolines are great for energetic kids, plus they are small enough to fit safely inside a playroom or living room. An indoor trampoline is usually a lot smaller than a full-size trampoline, so it is a fun toy for younger kids and toddlers. Kids can bounce around all day long, although they should be supervised at all times, as trampolines can be dangerous under certain conditions.

Mini toddler-sized trampolines tend to be foldable and have handles for extra support. Larger trampolines come with safety nets to protect children. Features to look out for include safety pads, strong rebounders and high-quality springs. Depending on the size of the trampoline and your tyke, you might look for a trampoline ladder as well. Trampolines that fold away are useful if space is limited. If your kids need to burn off some excess energy, an indoor trampoline is a great option.

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