15 Games For Diwali Theme Party

15 Games For Diwali Theme Party

1.Crackers Tambola

On a paper draw any four crackers like annar, phuljhadi, firki,rocket. Now the players have to write 4 numbers of their choice on each cracker. The game can be played as four crackers as 4 lines, early 4 ie. one no. each in every cracker and full houses.

2.Children’s Fancy Dress Competition

Kids are welcome to show their talent by dressing them up as Ram, Laxman, Sita etc.  They can recite slokas,sing devotional songs, narrate few sentences about the character they are portraying.

3.Find and Count Laxmi Ganesh

Draw  or paste on a sheet of  paper  pictures of small  Laxmi Ganesh surrounded by diyas, candles, different types of crackers, flowers, kalash etc..Get the same photocopied as per the no. of players.  Give one paper and pen to everyone.  The game is  players have to find and count the no. of Laxmi-Ganesh  drawn or pasted on that paper in one minute.

4.Write Happy Diwali with Diyas

Take 20-25 diyas and write Happy Diwali at the back i.e. one word on each diya and leave rest of the diyas blank.  Put all the diyas in a bowl of colored water mixed with flower petals. The players have to find the diyas with Happy Diwali written on it. The player has to put the diya back in water if it is blank. The player who completes the task at the earliest wins.

5.Alphabets & Diyas

Take 26 diyas and write the alphabets from A-Z at the base.  Mix them and keep it on the table. The players have to see diyas one by one and keep them in alphabetical order in a line i.e from A-Z  in one minute.

6.Rangoli competition

Make rangoli either using different rangoli colors or by using different types of flowers and their petals in two minutes

7.Diwali Musical Chairs

Diwali musical chairs party game with a twist. Click here to know more about Diwali Musical Chairs

8.Creative Diwali

A diwali  party game in which players have to create arts on the paper plate kept on their head.Click here to know more about Creative Diwali

9.Candles and Bangles

A fun party game to be played with candles and bangles. Candles and Bangles

10.Blow Off The Candle

One minute party game in which each player is blind folded and he/she needs to blow off the candle.Click here to know more about Blow Off The Candle

11.Dryfruit Bags

A fun game in which players have to separate different dry fruits given in a bowl in different bags.Click here to know more about Dryfruit Bags

12.Bijli Bomb Tambola

A tambola game specially designed for diwali party.Click here to know more about Bijli Bomb Tambola

13.Light The Candles

A fun party game in which each pair has to light maximum candles in minimum time.Click here to know more about Light The Candles

14.Candles & Dice

A fun diwali party game in which player has to roll the dice to collect maximum candles. Click here to know more about Candles & Dice

15.Light and Blow off Candle with Single Matchstick

One minute fun game to play with matchstick and candles.Click here to know more about Light and Blow off Candle with Single Matchstick

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