phoenixadventurestour is a leading Manufacturer & Suppliers in India of Zorbing Ball based in Delhi. We manufacture all type of zorbing balls.

Zorbing is performed at commercial locations, where prospective riders pay a fee for each ride or for a whole day’s activity.

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Body Zorbing involves wearing a Zorb (which essentially is a plastic bubble) over your body, leaving only your legs to operate as usual. Wearing the Zorb, pupils then have the opportunity to take part in and compete in a wide choice of games and activities. Pupils are then free to bump and tumble into one another without feeling the impact. The two games we love to host are Zorbing Football and Sumo Zorb. Both exactly as they say on the tin; football where all team members wear a Zorb whilst playing football and Sumo wrestles with Zorbs on. Sliding tackles will never be the same again!