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1. All of our PVC Tarpaulin/vinyl is designed to be the strongest, waterproof, fireproof and UV-resistant. Our PVC Tarpaulin meets or exceeds all FR standards required in the industry today including the NFPA 701 Small and Large Scale standard. All PVC Tarpaulin materials are LEAD FREE!
2. Safe & easy to use.

Some of the most common variations of inflatable paintball bunkers include:

1) Can – This is a large cylindrical bunker that stands in a vertical position. Most are human sized or larger.
2) Rollie – This paintball bunker is similar to a can, only that it is placed horizontally.
3) Dorito – This bunker, named after Doritos chips, is a three side pyramid-like bunker and is placed vertically.
4) Temple – This bunker is similar to a Dorito. It is four sided with its top cut off.
5) X-bunker – As its name implies, this paintball bunker is shaped like an X. This is used solely for a type of paintball game called X-ball.
6) Brick – This bunker is shaped like a low rectangular wall.
7) Dollhouse – This paintball bunker has three faces and two bases. It is longer than it is tall.
8) Carwash – This bunker is shaped like an arch. It is longer than it is wide.
9) Snake – A snake bunker is a long, low structure, typically less than a meter high
10) We can creast spike, big X, Millunium, or PSP etc paintball bunkers according to customers’ request.
11) We can design the paintball bunkers for 5 man, 7 man or more accoridngto customers’ request.

Quality Assurance Of Inflatable Paintball Bunkers

1.Workmahsip: We use imported welding machine from USA, which has stable welding temperature, to ensure that the joint part is very durable and air-proof.
2.Various design, size, color, structure, etc can all be customized.
3.With paintball, one can enjoy this battlefield experience safely. Paintball is a kind of combat sport where participants try to shoot their opponents from the game.
4.Quality control: All the goods are tested in the factory for days before shipping to ensure the quality.
5. Inflatable paintball bunkers give paintball an added dimension that makes it more exciting.
Inflatable paintball bunkers provide paintball players cover and protection in the palying field.
Because of their portability, the inflatable paintball bunkers can be moved around to give any game site a brand new look.
6.Professional designers and experienced technicians&workers
7.Convenience: Inflatable bunkers can be placed in any areas. They become very small when deflating, which is very easy to transport. Just inflating in new area, you can finish the installation of the whole set of bunkers.
8.Safety: Inflatable bunkers are made up with envelopes. It is inevitable of collision when playing in a game. Envelopes has complete security and won’t cause injury even when collision happens.