10 Years of Experience
in Adventure Tours & Manufacturing

We are one of the leading manufacturer of inflatable and various adventure sport equipment such as artificial fiber rock climbing walls, Paintball, inflatable rock climbing wall, the zorbing ball, rocket boom, Velcro bounce, product shape inflatable, slides and bounces and various obstacle course equipment along with motorized trampoline, bull rider,water walking ball etc.

PHOENIX ADVENTURES TOUR leading manufacturer of 

  • Paintball
  • Body Zorbing Ball
  • Zorbing Ball
  • Hammer Machine
  • Bounce / Bouncy Inflatable Jumping
  • Swimming Pool
  • Zorbing Activity
  • Zorbing on Water
  • Pressure Rocket Adventure Game

also we provide on Rent.

we are Sale and Rent these Adventure tools  Across India.


Our handymen are certified and highly experienced professionals.

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